Monday, October 15, 2018

Journal Submissions

Submissions to the Kappa Alpha Psi Journal for your chapter must be submitted to the Province Journal Editor and must come from your local chapter reporter. You may submit articles for both The Journal website as well as the printed Journal. Please follow these listed guidelines:

Articles for the Journal Website (Online)

Please use the form below to submit your chapter events for the Middle Eastern Province.

  1. Before submitting the form below, please download and rename it with your chapter name included in the file name.
  2. Attach your high resolution photo(s) separately via email. Poor quality pictures will not be posted to the website. Digital photography must be hi-resolution jpegs (example 2048x1536 or 3.1 mega pixel image). Scanned photos should be 300 DPI.
  3. Email your completed form to
  4. Upon receipt, an acknowledgement will be sent to the chapter. Once content has been posted to the website, an additional communication will be sent advising chapter that the article is now available for viewing.

Articles for Journal Publication (Printed)

  1. Prior to preparing article / feature, submit topic to MEP Editor. Given the focus on business-related topics of the Journal, careful coordination is needed to increase the likelihood of article publication.
  2. Once the topic has been selected / article has been prepared, submit completed article / photos (same guidelines as above) to MEP Editor for final review and submission to IHQ.
  3. MEP Editor will work with Journal Editor on format, content, and other items related to publication.
  4. MEP Editor will keep chapter informed of progress with Journal publication.

Please note - final approval for Journal publication rests with the Journal editor (Brother Thomas Cunningham). Once articles have been submitted, province editors are no longer involved with final publication decisions.

Submission Deadlines

According to the last published Journal (Spring 2012), as a result of a constitutional change enacted during the 80th Grand Chapter Meeting (Indianapolis), The Journal will now be published quarterly, in the spring, summer, fall and winter. This schedule replaces the previous timetable and all Journals beginning with the Spring 2012 issue will be published quarterly.

We ask that you submit articles two (2) months prior to the start of each calendar quarter:

  • November 1st for Winter quarter (Winter issue)
  • February 1st for Spring quarter (Spring issue)
  • May 1st for Summer quarter (Summer issue)
  • August 1st for Fall quarter (Fall issue)

For questions or assistance with Journal submissions for your chapter, please contact the MEP Journal Editor, Brother Olanda Carr, Jr. at