Saturday, July 11, 2020

What's New With Our Website

Brothers, we’d first like to encourage you to continue to use our Province website as a means to stay plugged in with all that occurs around North Carolina and Southern West Virginia. The Information Technology committee recently completed a redesign of our website with specific goals in mind.

In keeping with the vision of Province Polemarch Watson, our short-term focus is to eventually transition much of the lower-level administrative tasks to the digital space. This will help our Province leadership operate in a more efficient manner while providing further conveniences to you as members of this Province.

If you have not done so, we ask that you create a website account so that the system properly identifies you for accurate record keeping and to take advantage of future digital services. Some future services will require a website account. If you have an account, we ask that you periodically update your account so that we have accurate information on file for you.

We continue to promote methods of communication that give you the most options for staying “in the know”. In the current version of the website, we’ve created both Facebook and Twitter accounts. These are the “official” accounts of the Province. We encourage you to “like” and “follow” these accounts as we push information (where applicable) out via these platforms. We understand that everyone leads a busy life with work, family and other commitments, so creating multiple methods of communicating with you, we found it necessary as we strive for more efficient interaction among the membership. These additional means of communicating don’t supersede existing methods, but rather enhance what we’ve already come to know as the “norm”.

We also urge you to submit your chapter’s events to the website events calendar as well as posting them to our Facebook page. We’re here to support chapters’ programming by helping get the word out to brothers around the Province.

Stay tuned as we make future updates, enhancements and announcements surrounding the Province website.

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at


Bro. Crawford Lane
Information Technology Committee Chairman

Bro. Martin McNeese
Website Manager