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Cary (NC) Alumni Senior Kappa Affairs Announcements

Cary Alumni would like to congratulate Brothers Erroll Reese and Steven Smith on being named the chapters first ever recipients of The Erroll Reese and Steven Smith Senior Kappa Man of the Year Award.  The award in their namesake, is to honor the legacy of Brothers Reese and Smith, for their outstanding contributions to Kappa, The Middle Eastern Province, and Cary Alumni. Both brothers are charter members of Cary Alumni (October 28, 1989) and 33 years later continue to be active, dues paying brothers that serve and lead in the bond.  Brothers Reese and Smith have set the bar for Cary and this annual will be one of the ways in which the chapter recognizes outstanding efforts of their Senior Kappas as the chapters continues to grow and expand it's Senior Kappa Affairs.  

Submitted By: Brother Victor Jefferson, Polemarch Cary (NC) Alumni

The Cary Alumni Chapter (Senior Kappa Committee) has adopted Cary Elementary School. Chapter Brothers will perform a series of duties that support the better learning of the students. Each Friday, chapter Brothers will be greeting children upon their arrival in the morning, reading with and tutoring students in various subjects among other educational needs identified by the school leadership. Cary Brothers were in attendance at the opening day of the 2023 school year and were welcomed by and met with school leadership. As required criminal background checks are completed, additional Cary Alumni Brothers will be participating at Cary Elementary School to help enrich young people.

Submitted By: Brother Maurice Williams

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