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2nd Generation Kappa Tag Now Available

The newly designed state issued Kappa plate has been sent to local DMV offices and are ready for sale. 

Here's what you should know...

Once A Task Has Begun...

1. The new plate is right now $10 for regular sequential numbered plates and $40 for a four lettered vanity plate. Legislation will pass to raise the cost to $20 and $50 respectively immediately upon passage of the bill. This will hold true for new plates and renewals. 

2. If you want to keep your old design: simply do nothing!  Keep you registration current.  These plates are transferable to any new vehicle you may purchase in the future or have now

Changing from old design to the new?

3. (Sequential numbered plates only)  If you have the old design and want to change to the new while keeping your same plate number: 

   a) the best time to make the change is during your registration period.  You must go into a NCDMV office and request a new tag with the same number.  (This is an F4 function all offices should know how to do.)  Pay your normal registration fee, the new plate comes in about 4 weeks.  

   b) If this is not your renewal period and you still want to switch over now, follow the same instructions as a), there will be an additional fee of $10

    (Vanity plates only)

  c) If you have the old design and want to change to the new design the same applies as in 3a).

  d) If this is not your renewal period and you still want to switch over now, refer to a), there will be an additional fee of $20

Brothers the only time you need to go to a DMV office is if you are switching from the old to new  design!

4. (Plate Designation) Once you are assigned a plate number, ONLY your name will be associated with that number.  This holds true for both sequential numbers and vanity plates (4 characters).  If you wish to allow another brother to use your plate number or vanity designation, you must go to NCDMV and sign a release form releasing those characters from association with you.

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