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Winston-Salem (NC) Alumni celebrates chapter’s Kappa Man of the 21st Century - Brother Henderson

Brother Moses Lucas Alpha Nu 59 and Brother Jeffery Henderson Gamma Delta 83

The Winston-Salem (NC) Alumni Chapter celebrated Brother Jeffrey Henderson (Gamma Delta Spr. 83) for becoming the Chapter’s Kappa Man of the 21st Century. Brother Henderson earned the honor based on his tireless dedication to championing, chairing and promoting the Chapter’s Kappa League program for the past 17 years. The Brothers of the Winston-Salem (NC) Alumni Chapter hosted a Zoom event on December 13th 2020. Past Kappa Leaguers, current Kappa Leaguers, Henderson’s line Brothers (Gamma Delta Spr. 83) from Livingstone College and Brothers from all across the country were present on the call. There were over 40 participants on the call. Sharing the stories of who Jeffery Henderson is and how he has affected the world. The Master of Ceremonies was the Polemarch of Winston-Salem (NC) Alumni Chapter Royce A. Barrett Sr. (Alpha Nu Fall 71). The reoccurring message that resonated throughout the Zoom event about Jeffery Henderson was his unbelievable devotion to assisting these young men grow by mentoring them and never leaving their corner. Teaching them of how they must be the difference in how young black men are perceived in the world. Fellow Brothers of the Fraternity that spoke during the event also had a common denominator when they spoke of Brother Henderson. They spoke of his constant positivity when it comes to his interaction with any and all Brothers he comes in contact with throughout our Noble Clan. Many would say it’s that “Kappa Spirit”. Due to the stringent Covid-19 protocols a lead crystal award was presented from The Winston-Salem (NC) Alumni Chapter to Jeffery Henderson by his Silhouette Adriene Henderson and one of his daughters Elizabeth Henderson. The Crystal Award read Jeffery Henderson Kappa Man of the 21st Century In gratitude for service and leadership to the Kappa League.

Winston-Salem (NC) Alumni Chapter Brother Royce A. Barrett, Polemarch.

Brother Henderson and the Kappa League of Winston-Salem at the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis, TN

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