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The Shine of D.A.C.’s Diamond Celebrating the Centennial of the Durham (NC)Alumni Chapter of Kappa.

By Brother Johnny R. Green

What makes a flawless diamond so luminous and vibrant? Is it the four c’s were preached to when shopping for the “perfect” ring for our future Silhouette? Does one simply base it on the color, cut, clarity, and carat, or can one value it differently? Can we admire the rich history the diamond has gone through. The forging process of making it the toughest gemstone known to man; The ability to withstand the day to day challenges that it may encounter; Possibly the true value is the fact that it can be recognized and appreciated by multitudes that know of its existence, and kept safe from potential dangers to threaten its significance.

Candidly, the Durham (NC) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. has been one of the most flawless of diamonds to be forged in the grand scheme of our mighty clan of like-minded brethren. Our centennial year’s days and nights have been filled with pride, reveling in the opulent history of our chapter. From the efforts of our charter members: Leo Bruce, C.O. Pearson, Lee Bynum, and A. Moore Shearin on September 12, 1921, to the phenomenal efforts of our Social Action Committee, Centennial Committee, and leadership of our Centennial Officers, especially our Polemarch, Brother Rashad Morgan.

The brothers of Durham Alumni have a prosperous history throughout our city. Lawyers, doctors, business owners, educators, philanthropists, etc have fought to ensure those of us that were to follow in their footsteps would be able to figuratively stand on their shoulders in order to achieve the highest caliber of excellence based on their efforts. Good Brothers like Dr. James E. Shepard and W.G. Pearson walked so that Good Brothers like the most recent Elder Watson Diggs Awardee, Joseph King Davis could sprint on the winds of change like Brother Frank Summers. It is without a doubt that our great chapter has seen its diamond develop into one of the most illustrious shines ever seen, and as we continue to make strides in the next 100 years, we will dedicate ourselves to ensure its shine gets even brighter.

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