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2020 Middle Eastern Province Founders' Day - Rocky Mount, NC

The Rocky Mount (NC) Alumni Chapter in conjunction with the MEP Founders' Day Committee hosted the 2020 Middle Eastern Province Founders’ Day weekend in Rocky Mount. Traditionally chapters may hold their own Founders’ Day events. To come together as a province for a weekend was special. The weekend gave opportunity to further strengthen our bond. The weekend kicked off with a board meeting and evening social. The second day there was a “Learn 2 Live” session as well as the Joe K Davis Undergrad Summit. The tradition continued with holding a session on songs and chants. In addition, a kane twirling 101 was held. Saturday evening there was a closed banquet and party. Our keynote speaker for the closed banquet was our 19th Past Province Polemarch and current province chaplain Joseph K. Davis Jr. The weekend closed out with a church service at the Metropolitan Baptist Church.

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