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Raleigh (NC) Alumni Chapter, Building Bridges and Impacting Social Action

Raleigh (NC) Alumni Chapter, Building Bridges and Impacting Social Action

We are in turbulent times of civil unrest protesting police officer’s use of deadly force across America and around the world. Immediately following the death of Mr. George Floyd several of our chapter brothers peacefully marched in downtown Raleigh. Subsequently, the Community & Social Action Committee scheduled a Zoom meeting with Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin of Raleigh on June 18, 2020. The meeting was set up by our Brother Rev. Joseph Stevenson (Raleigh Alumni, Spring 2019) and moderated by Brother Tony Griffin (Alpha Chapter, Fall 1986).

The intent was to get involved and partner with the city to establish a direct line of communication and interaction with the mayor and the chief of police. Brother Griffin outlined a case of proactive and resourceful opportunities for police officers to participate in community service activities sponsored by our chapter. Suggestions were made for officers to participate in food distribution, clothing drives for the homeless, reading sessions with elementary students and training instructions with our Guide Right Kappa Leaguers. Another opportunity Brother Griffin stressed was the police department sponsoring job fairs for undergrad students in Raleigh attending; St. Augustine University, North Carolina State University and Shaw University. These three universities are under the guidance of Raleigh Aumni. An emphasis was placed on building trust and more proactive and positiv interactions and less reactive responses from the police department.

Our Polemarch Brother Clem Lacy (Nu Chapter Spring 1968) reminded Mayor Baldwin of her campaign promise, “My main goal is to make Raleigh a city of progress, innovation and compassion, because quite frankly, if we don’t have compassion, then what good are we?” Polemarch Lacy went on to say, “we really need to work on compassion. I’d like to see it expressed in relationships between the police and community and also in terms of groups that are trying to speak to each other. And, if you have compassion you can actually hear what someone is saying,” Mayor Baldwin said, “This is the type of conversation I want to be having”, it’s constructive and it moves us forward. She wants to build bridges to the community and within an hour after the Zoom meeting we received a telephone call from the Raleigh Assistant City Manager. We are now working on next steps.

During the past fraternal year Raleigh Alumni had a substantially productive year serving the community and providing good social events for our chapter brothers. Some of the notable events were: Thanksgiving Adopt-a-Family, WRAL TV Coats for Children Telethon, Rhoyal Takeover weekend dance and swim party, we invited politicians and our neighbors around the chapter house to attend a movie (Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse) outside on our lawn, Myrtle Beach golf outing, Cool Jazz Concert for Senior brothers, Ugly Christmas Sweater Party for silhouettes and family, Christmas Eve at Helping Hands Mission, several Nupe Night events, MLK Memorial Day March, Rise Against Hunger donations and meal packing, My Brothers Kloset clothing donation to homeless and a virtual Senior Kappa Tribute.

The brothers of Raleigh Alumni Chapter remain committed to achievement, social justice, uplifting the joy of brotherhood and having our voices heard. We say “Yo” and Phi Nu Pi.

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