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To inspire service in the public interest.

In Charlotte the homeless population living in hotels and motels has reached an alarming rate.

In order to make ends meet, many families will head to motels because they rent on a daily, weekly and even monthly basis. Charlotte was already facing a serious affordable housing

crisis before the pandemic, and since Covid 19 swept through our nation, this crisis has only grown worse. Charlotte communities have come together to provide aid for those in severe need. The McKinney-Vento act is a federal law that makes sure children who aren’t fortunate enough to have permanent housing go to school.

When the brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi at Wingate University (Pi Mu Colony) heard of children and members of the Charlotte community were in need of help, they did not hesitate to jump in the action and lend a helping hand to those severely affected by Covid 19. These gentlemen joined a collaboration of organizations to provide food, clothing, school supplies and other resources to members of the Hidden Valley community. These young men saw people in need and immediately stepped in to serve the community in any way they could. When asked why they were so persistent in helping those in need, Polemarch Damani Spencer had this to say “We saw people in our own backyard needing help and it didn’t feel right to continue our lives knowing we could provide aid for those who need it”. The Covid 19 pandemic has created a large amount of challenges for people across the country, and these three young Nupes certainly, played their part in trying to better their community.

Submitted by Brother Taylor Watermann

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