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The Durham (NC) Alumni Chapter teams up with Good Health Wins.

The Durham (NC) Alumni Chapter collaborated with Good Health Wins to help create an infrastructure for good health in the Durham community. Good Health Wins is a growing network of grassroot organizations, health care advocates, policy makers and people who passionately want to inform and empower everyone, especially communities of color, on vaccine opportunities, access and reducing health disparities. The chapter's goal will be met by helping in reducing health disparities, increasing vaccination opportunities, and vaccination education. The chapter started by giving out 400 Free Covid At Home Tests in December for the Durham Community. A continuous plan to help achieve in the step in expanding health equity. Covid is still a threat in our local community and they are doing their part by addressing one of the disparities in the area of public health. Every effort is an opportunity to set the community in the right direction.

Submitted by: Brother Ryan Fairley Sr.

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